Custom Bikini – Italian Deli Bikini

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Italian Deli – Brooklyn New York Custom Bikini

A custom bikini is wonderful to have and this fun Italian Deli bikini will have heads turning at the beach when people see this colorful print bikini at the beach or pool party.

Comes in Sizes X-Small – XXX-Large


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A custom bikini is wonderful to have. And this fun Italian Deli bikini will have heads turning.  Especially a beach or pool party.  When people see this colorful print bikini they will go wild!!!

The custom printed bikini is what Life On The Stoop Fashion prides ourself on. These bikinis will not be found at any other store on the Internet.  That is a fact!!!

Custom Bikini

One of the most prominent and also extensively made use of swimsuit for ladies is the common bikini. The string bikini is a 2 piece swimsuit, consisting of a bra design top, and also a bottom piece. This swimsuit can be found in a lot of designs, different colors, as well as accessories. Due to the fact that it is among one of the most typically used swimsuits for ladies, the variety of designs and also colors mirror its vast usage. You could obtain a bikini to fit any kind of design or purpose.


This Custom Bikini Design

Philip Bracco

This custom bikini design was based on the artwork by Philip Bracco author of Life On The Stoop.

Life On The Stoop provides a direct look into the way of life of one NY community in the 20s.

Artist, Phil Bracco’s image-story of the early yrs in Brooklyn has stunning artwork of interconnectedness of the neighborhood families. This is a quality that was very strong back in those times.

Paint and watercolor prints are readily available at this website of Classic art. Hope you delight in looking thru this artist’s exceptional artwork.

Italian Deli

Red Hook Brooklyn

In the Red Hook Brooklyn’s community, there was an amazing Italian Deli Shop. And the absolute terrific types of foods were there. Including amazing Genoa Salami, Locatelli Cheese, Prosciutto, and every other Italian cheese.

In closing, come visit our place we’ll have some wonderful Pasta and meatballs.  I can smell it now.

Al Capone

Red Hook was constantly referred to as a hard area of Brooklyn, plus Al Capone obtained his beginning as a tiny time criminal there. In 1950, at the height of the age of longshoremen 21,000 individuals resided in the area. And much of them in row residences 2nd just in age to those in Brooklyn Heights. The majority of people stayed in the Red Hook Houses, constructed in 1936. For the expanding variety of dockworkers.

However after the optimal of the 1950s Red Hook experienced a loss of work.  But over the following years the community went through an adjustment.

Moreover delivering lines started relocating items in lengthy steel containers. As opposed to the conventional break-bulk delivery of barrels. But, containerized delivery called for better upland room a less hands to lots. Finally the waterside tasks relocated to New Jersey. Also, the economic situation of the community altered dramatically.

Italian Deli – Brooklyn New York Custom Bikini

At Life On The Stoop Fashions, we have an amazing selection of unique custom print bikinis.

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In Red Hook Brooklyn, in every community, there was an Italian Shop. With the absolute most terrific types of foods such as Genoa Salami Locatelli Cheese, Prosciutto and every other Italian cheese conceivable. Every item within this variety takes us back to those splendid days when we were so young. Memories flow back into our heads as we once more see the folks and the location of our youth. Come visit our place and if you're hungry, I'll put the pot up and we'll have some wonderful Pasta and gravy with meatballs. I can smell it now. Italian Deli - Brooklyn New York Custom Bikini Comes in Sizes X-Small - XXX-Large