Womens Swimwear

Womens Swimwear is very popular with today’s women. But there is been a long road for this womens bathing suit.

Womens Swimwear

Womens Bikinis

Womens bikinis are garments for any water activity such as swimming, sun bathing,  as well as water skiing.

Models displayed slim bodies that cling to designer bathing suits. Nevertheless, it increased the attraction to women’s swimwear.

Beauty Pageants

Swimwear parades became one of the main events in beauty pageants around the globe such as Miss World and Miss Universe contests.

Through The Years

In Roman times swimming in the nude was quite common.

These days there is a statute in England other nations which prohibit entrance into any public beach without bathing suits.

In the 1800s, womens swimwear were brownish linen or flannel petticoats.

In an effort to aid woman’s self-respect, weights were sewed in the hems to stop them from rising in water. By the 1900s, two-piece women’s swimsuits were introduced.

Society frowned upon womens swimwear until 1921 when beauty contests added swimsuit competitions. In addition, glamour photography from 1940s included women in figure-hugging bathing suits.


Bikinis initially came on the scene after World War II,  named after Bikini Toll the test site for nuclear weapons. It was said that a bikini was compared  to a nuclear explosion.

Till the 1950s, the bikini bottom was high up to the belly button.

In 1960s bikinis shrank to reach the modern-day state. Nevertheless, by 2012 the high-waist cut came back. Furthermore, the key to this design is in its ability to flatter figures.

The Monokini

Monokinis was a topless swimmingsuit which exposed the breast.


The tankini a two-piece swimsuit had a tank top and swim short bottom. This type of swimwear was an alternativee to a one-piece suit.


Skirtini is similar to tankini, the only difference is that the two-piece swimsuit consisting of a styled top and a short skirt.

Swim Dress

A Swim dress is a one-piece womens swimwear with a flared skirt. With new modern designs in the 90s, swim dresses became popular especially plus size women.

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