Baby Onesies

Baby onesies are garments made for babies just like a T-shirts. They are different from Tee shirts by an extension below the waist, with snaps over the crotch. However, the reason for the opening at the crotch is to help with access to the babies diaper.

Like T-shirts, infant onesies come in a wide range of styles, colors and a variety of print designs. Because of feedings, and other activities the need to purchase lots of onesies are very necessary. Your baby will have several occassions that a mess will accure and having the ability to have a quick change is a must.

Baby Onesies

Baby Onesies Are The Very First Clothing For Your Baby

Baby Onesies are the very first clothing that your new born wears. Our Baby bodysuits come in bright colors, designs and numbers which will attract the attention of even the youngest baby.

At Life On The Stoop Fashions  you will find baby and infant onesies in  a variety of styles and colors.

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