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Men Clothing Top 5 Street Style Men Clothing Trends for 2018

Top 5 Street Style Men Clothing Trends for 2018 – How to Dress the Best this Season?

2018 has officially begun, and so has the new trends in street style men clothing for the season. From London to Paris to Milan, the street style fashion trends for men clothing have been heavily influenced by the runways.


The Street Style Fashion Scene For Men Is Brimming With Variety

Vibrant hues, statement men’s t shirts, patched jackets, washed out denims, childhood reminiscent hoodies – the street style fashion scene for men is brimming with variety. We have picked our top 5 looks and narrowed down the style guide for 2018 for you, so you can step out in style without much ado!

1- Men t shirts – White Out is Trending

White T shirts have got to be the easiest to wear, carry and style. You can literally never go wrong with a white t shirt; the best thing is, white out is now trending in the streets of world’s fashion capitals. Fashion acquainted young men were seen sporting an all-white monochromatic sleek yet cool look during all major fashion weeks of the year.


Use Your White T Shirt As A Base To Layer Your Fashion Statement

You can either copy the same vibe or use your white t shirt as a base to layer your statement fashion pieces such as a bomber jacket or even a hoodie. Pair with jeans and you are ready to roll.

2- Men’s hoodies – The Staple Winter Clothing Item

Men’s hoodies are classic street style clothing items for winters; a perfect balance of comfort and style. A good old men’s hoodie can act as a perfect gym outerwear when thrown over any comfy t shirt and trousers. But, this versatile piece of clothing can instantly become slick and stylish too.

Try Pairing Up Your Wardrobe With Same Color Items

Try dressing up your black hoodie by pairing it with same color clothing items. Wear it with black jogger bottoms or jeans and throw on a black leather jacket. You will have an instant high street style fashion outfit.

3- Sweatshirts Men Brought Back in Style

Gone are the days when sweatshirts were considered only a lounge wear. Thanks to Gucci, Ralph Lauren and other high-end fashion houses, sweatshirts now have a very ‘luxe’ fashion ring to it. To carry a sweatshirt in style, wear it with a long trench coat; it will radiate a very Hollywood gentleman classic aura. For a laidback yet stylish look, layer it on with a stylish bomber jacket. Pair it with blue jeans and boots.

4- High top Sneakers

High top sneakers for men are trending this season when it comes to footwear. The best thing about them is they ‘fit’ right in almost all kinds of attires. From your jogger bottoms to your jeans to pants, you can literally find a pair of high top sneakers to go with any and everything.

5- Adult Onesies

If you are a die-hard lounge wear fan, and comfy, snugly warm pajamas are your jam during the winters, you are bound to love the adult onesies for men. You can either go with plaids to stay in trend, or go with a solid colored piece like black. Also, you need not to wear it just at home, put on some sneaker and stroll around the city. Adult onesies are cool, flaunt them in style!

So in conclusion, go ahead!  Look in your closet and see what you need to spruce it up and you just may be surprised at what a couple of new fashion additions can do for your attitude…

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